Stupid Games

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With the rise of smartphones, a huge population has been exposed to casual games. Rovio’s CEO claims that people spend 200 million minutes each day inside Angry Birds. Sam Anderson’s detailed analysis of the casual gaming phenomenon in The New York Times includes this gem:

“It’s as hard to make a really good game as it is to make a really good movie or opera or hat,” says Frank Lanz, creator of Drop7. “Sure, there’s mathematics to it, but it’s also a piece of culture. The type of game you play is also a part of how you think about yourself as a person. There’s no formula that’s going to solve that equation. It’s impossible, because it’s infinitely deep and wonderful.”

As more pharma marketers consider games – or gamification of content – in their digital planning, this article provides some fascinating insights. Even better, the article includes an asteroids-type game which lets you destroy the site.

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