Making a Game of Adherence

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As people in the business, we understand the difficult issues of drug compliance and persistence. On the simplest level, people forget. On the more complex, people don’t take their meds because they’re afraid of the side effects, don’t believe they really need them, don’t want to think about why they need them, or ration them because of cost concerns. And that’s just a few of the issues.

Real Age, the health and wellness site, sent an email out this morning that indicates they are about to launch a program to drive patient compliance and adherence with prescription medications.

In the way that many are applying game theory to all parts of the web, Real Age has developed a Medication and Prescription Rewards system that will earn registrants points for sticking with prescriptions and allow them to redeem points for prizes. (An iPod, or even a free flight to Hawaii, might be nice for sticking with your nine daily meds for the year!) There will also be chances to win weekly sweepstakes. A survey they sent along suggests there may be an educational element involved (no surprise there—they’re Real Age), and a reminder program that could include text, email, live phone calls and more.

They’re not live yet, but promise to email when they are.

We’re looking forward to seeing what’s what.

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