QR Code Baby Steps

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Don’t know the first thing about QR codes? Scared to start? Here’s a quick interactive way to experience how QR codes can work from start to finish.

First, download a QR reader to your smart phone. Here’s one for the iPhone. I like QR Droid for Android. And here’s one for Blackberry.

Go to a site such as Cogteeth and create your own QR code of anything you might like. I made a code of something Sudler. (If you’ve dl’d a QR reader, snap a pic of the code below and see what you get.)

Back on the Cogteeth site, choose the t-shirt icon (or the coffee mug or the card, if you prefer), and the image you created pops up at custom-everything site Zazzle.com.

Choose the type of shirt you want, color, a line of “regular” text, size, and place your order. In about a week, you’ll have a t-shirt with your customized QR code…and a wearable conversation starter. If you’re a marketer, you’ll start to see the value as people approach you to find out what’s on your t-shirt. Just be prepared to get comfortable with people pointing a camera phone at your chest!

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