A House Not Divided

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We all know that the marketing landscape has changed radically. It will continue to evolve at a fast pace as digital media expands and customers play an ever-increasing role in how they engage with marketers. The marketing platform of yesterday has been replaced by the 360-degree brand experience of today, and that brand experience has to blend messaging and media in a way that would knock Marshall McLuhan off his feet!

To be competitive S&H must continue to evolve, stay on top of market changes, and drive innovative thinking for our clients. We must make it easier for our agency and client teams to keep pace strategically and deliver against these new demands.

To that end we devoted a good bit of time and energy in 2010 to building our digital capabilities – bringing in new leadership and talent in Sudler Digital and forging better relationships with clients and internal teams alike. We needed the digital group to get big enough and strong enough to survive and thrive as we re-engineer our holistic approach to 360-degree brand marketing.

Today, the strategy and technology credentials in the Digital group have truly exploded – the work and the thinking are really strong, and the client service and delivery have been fast-paced and top-notch.

With that goal met, we’re now ready to move Sudler into its digital future in a way that allows us to bring our clients a truly integrated “one team” approach to their brand challenges. S&H and Sudler Digital will now be a single, integrated entity internally and to clients.

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