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Celebrating 75 years of creativity

S&H Group continues to celebrate its 75th year at “Off Label,” an exhibition of Sudler staff creative efforts. The show, hosted last week at Rogue Space Gallery, 26th St, New York City, provided all employees with the opportunity to share their creative talents beyond what they do at work on a daily basis. The collection [...]

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Be Live Shortlisted for 2016 Cannes Healthcare Lion

Very pleased to see our project with Pfizer LATAM shortlisted at Cannes Healthcare.

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Sudler highlighted in Pharma3D ebook from Google

We were very pleased to see Sudler and the Pfizer Lyrica BeLive wearable program featured as a case study for the future of pharma marketing in Google’s new Pharma3D book, which launched last week. The program is featured in Chapter 6 of the eBook. Lovely work from our Mexico and NYC offices, supporting the Pfizer [...]

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Do Apple Watch + HealthKit provide a complete Health Tracking System?

Our very own digital strategist, Mark Davis, has been experimenting with the Apple Watch and a variety of other health tracking tools, and provides some insights into his impressions of the usefulness of the Apple system for health tracking on his Medium account. Interesting reading.

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Rob Rogers, Co-CEO America and Chief Creative Officer, interviewed on spoke with our North American co-CEO, Rob Rogers, as part of their series titled “The Road to Cannes.” The video is available here. “Health care is evolving at a rapid rate and so is health care communications. Digital will play a greater role,” he says. “We look for ways of introducing simplicity. We need [...]

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A Big Leap in Nanotechnology

A team at the University of Texas have announced the development of the smallest, fastest and longest-running tiny synthetic motor to date. The team claims their nanomotor is an important step toward developing miniature machines that could one day move through the body to administer insulin for diabetics when needed, or target and treat cancer [...]

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Pharma Jumps on Oculus Rift

In more Kinect related news, NovoNordisk and UK agency Emotive have jumped on the bandwagon, but added the pre-release Oculus Rift virtual reality headset to deliver a neat diabetes education game that allows users to get an immersive glimpse inside the body of a hypothetical patient. Med City News has the full story, including a [...]

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SxSW 2014 in Review

David Stein, New York’s Associate Director of Development, reports: The intersection of health and technology was one of the main themes in this year’s sessions. Along with finance and education, health was discussed as one of the last major economic sectors yet to be “disrupted” by new tech. Potential disruptions being discussed included wearable health [...]

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The New World of Healthcare

Our Director of Digital Strategy, Andy Bond, has published an article that discusses how digital may be able to help marketers survive in the ever-changing healthcare environment. “Pharma companies can provide tangible ‘pill plus’ value by creating innovative digital programs and tools designed to drive better patient outcomes,” he says. Read the full article at [...]

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Ferring Fertility Site Wins Pharma Choice Award

It’s always great to have our work recognized by our peers, and the Digital Strategy, UX, and Dev teams really came together seamlessly with the traditional agency creatives in our work on the Ferring Fertility franchise site, which was honored with a silver award in PM 360 magazine’s Pharma Choice awards. The database-driven site, with [...]

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