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Onsite SEO in 2015

Rand Fish of Moz has published a truly elegant summary of the current state of SEO and the Google search algorithm on SlideShare. Well worth a read for anyone building sites, in any industry.

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The importance of Social in SEO

Searchmetrics have just released a fascinating study which takes a closer look at what well-positioned web pages on Google have in common, and what distinguishes them from pages that are lower-ranked. Interestingly, seven of the ten most important factors in SEO ranking are social traction indicators such as Likes, shares, tweets and +1s. Read a [...]

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Are Meta Tags a Regulatory Time Bomb?

Andy Bond, Sudler’s head of Digital Strategy, examines the current state of regulations and recommendations around how pharma brand sites should approach their meta tags in his post on Dose of Digital.

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Will Penguin Freeze Out Pharma?

Sudler’s Director of Technology is concerned that Google’s latest search algorithm update (Penguin) may impact the rankings of pharma brand sites, given the common requirement that we repeat the full Safety Information on every page. In his Dose of Digital article, he examines the history of the SEO industry, Google’s recommendations, and some possible solutions.

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