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Sudler New York and POSSIBLE Mobile Announce Apple ResearchKit Collaboration

Sudler & Hennessey is pleased to announce an important collaboration with POSSIBLE Mobile on Apple’s new ResearchKit, which capitalizes on the extensive iPhone user base to help recruit people for medical studies. Both companies will collaborate on the development of ResearchKit apps to enable researchers to expand their clinical trials and monitor large patient populations. [...]

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How mobile became mighty in healthcare

Sudler’s Chris Duffey has co-authored (with Katie Erbs from Google) a fascinating overview of the top ten trends in mobile, and how they are impacting the healthcare space, which was featured on the front page of the Guardian site today. “Mobile health has undoubtedly become ubiquitous across our lives and is poised to change the [...]

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Can Gaming Cure Cancer?

Crowdsourcing has taken a step in the right direction, says an article in today’s New York Times. Researchers in Cambridge, England, have worked with a Scottish software company to build a “Space Invaders inspired” mobile game that uses players interactions to analyze gene sequences from cancer patients. ” The hope is to reduce the time [...]

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Using games to solve real health problems.

Gamers using a protein-folding “game” have solved an AIDS-related problem scientists have been working on for 15 years… in three weeks. They were using an engine developed at Fold It. More information on this fascinating approach to crowd-sourcing health research in this video:

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Should You Build a Mobile Site or an App?

The folks over at MDG have created an interesting graphic outlining the benefits and limitations of the the two possible approaches to delivering content to mobile devices: building a mobile compatible site or developing an App. For pharma, the App approach to detailing has obvious advantages in how quickly rich interactivity and images can be [...]

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Stupid Games

With the rise of smartphones, a huge population has been exposed to casual games. Rovio’s CEO claims that people spend 200 million minutes each day inside Angry Birds. Sam Anderson’s detailed analysis of the casual gaming phenomenon in The New York Times includes this gem: “It’s as hard to make a really good game as [...]

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Are You Brave Enough to Commit?

getupp is a location-based commitment service available on the iPhone. Commit to activities that require your presence at a specific location at a certain time. getupp verifies and shares whether you keep or break such commitments. Open the iPhone app at the right location at the right time, and your commitment is completed. But if [...]

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Three Models for a Mobile Presence

Going mobile is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. Options include: Allowing customers to interact with your traditional PC site using mobile devices Delivering a mobile-optimized site Offering native mobile applications Read the full Luxury Daily article, which provides an overview of the potential benefits, drawbacks and best practices for each approach.

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Warnings About Health-Changing Weather

If you suffer from migraines, asthma, COPD, arthritis, and other conditions, changes in the weather can be a really big deal. Mediclim created a free service available in Canada, the US, the UK, Ireland and France that will send you email or text alerts when your weather is changing. It also provides discussion groups so [...]

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The Impact of Apps

When iPhone launched the concept of “apps,” it revolutionized how we think about digital experiences on mobile phones. Until then, the prevailing wisdom was to keep it simple and give people the basics. This was primarily due to the fact that before the iPhone, Web browsers on a mobile phone could only manage basic elements. [...]

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