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Sudler New York and POSSIBLE Mobile Announce Apple ResearchKit Collaboration

Sudler & Hennessey is pleased to announce an important collaboration with POSSIBLE Mobile on Apple’s new ResearchKit, which capitalizes on the extensive iPhone user base to help recruit people for medical studies. Both companies will collaborate on the development of ResearchKit apps to enable researchers to expand their clinical trials and monitor large patient populations. [...]

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Chris Duffey interviewed by Advertising Health

New York’s Chris Duffey recently spoke to the UK’s Advertising Health on trends within the industry, his experience talking at the inaugural Cannes Health Festival on Mighty Mobile, the rise of wearables, the importance of award shows, and other industry-changing topics.

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Sudler New York Announces the Prescribed Products Promotional Standards Distribution

Sudler is pleased to announce an initiative to create Open Source standardized website safety information components that are FDA compliant, responsive, and semantically-optimized to comply with both the FDA’s microdata format and Google’s Knowledge Graph requirements. The ‘Rx Promotional Standards Distribution’ will leverage Drupal and the Acquia Cloud platform to deliver significant operational efficiencies to [...]

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Smartwatches Will Revolutionise Treatment for Chronic Conditions

In an article published by The Guardian, Sudler GCD Chris Duffey writes that Google, Apple, and Samsung are racing to develop wearable technology that could be used to to monitor and track personal health and diagnose disease. He previews the new crop of devices, and concludes that “smartwatches will be the natural evolution in patients [...]

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How mobile became mighty in healthcare

Sudler’s Chris Duffey has co-authored (with Katie Erbs from Google) a fascinating overview of the top ten trends in mobile, and how they are impacting the healthcare space, which was featured on the front page of the Guardian site today. “Mobile health has undoubtedly become ubiquitous across our lives and is poised to change the [...]

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SxSW 2014 in Review

David Stein, New York’s Associate Director of Development, reports: The intersection of health and technology was one of the main themes in this year’s sessions. Along with finance and education, health was discussed as one of the last major economic sectors yet to be “disrupted” by new tech. Potential disruptions being discussed included wearable health [...]

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Can Gaming Cure Cancer?

Crowdsourcing has taken a step in the right direction, says an article in today’s New York Times. Researchers in Cambridge, England, have worked with a Scottish software company to build a “Space Invaders inspired” mobile game that uses players interactions to analyze gene sequences from cancer patients. ” The hope is to reduce the time [...]

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In-app Purchases Will Kill Mobile Gaming

Following the initial success of the “fremium” game model on mobile phones, there’s been a wave of gradually more exploitative games using this model – an initial “free” download followed by the extraction of incremental real money to finish tasks or gain abilities faster. As Thomas Baekdal points out, EA’s Dungeon Keeper epitomizes the problem: [...]

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Consider Early Prototyping

One of the advantages we have at Sudler is an in-house Tech team. As pharma gets more “mobile,” it’s often far easier to build early, functional, mockups of sites, rather than trying to design multiple versions of each page in Photoshop. Playing into the trends towards agile development and responsive sites, this approach can also [...]

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We’ve Seen It All Before

Bill Evans, who heads up the Team Chemistry Digital group, makes the astute observation that in the current enthusiasm for social and mobile initiatives, each tactic should be considered in the light of real-world analytics and ROI. The harsh lessons from the dot-com bust shouldn’t be ignored by the current generation of pharma marketers. He [...]

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