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Celebrating 75 years of creativity

S&H Group continues to celebrate its 75th year at “Off Label,” an exhibition of Sudler staff creative efforts. The show, hosted last week at Rogue Space Gallery, 26th St, New York City, provided all employees with the opportunity to share their creative talents beyond what they do at work on a daily basis. The collection [...]

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A Simple Framework for Understanding Social Hubs and Content Hubs

Content marketing and content curation was one of the main themes of 2014. Companies jumped (or stumbled) in with both feet – as well as individual thought leaders, who were quick to create their own content platforms and collections. Supporting these efforts was the emergence of some excellent tools that allowed you to easily stitch [...]

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FDA Issues New Draft Guidance Documents

Our colleagues at Dose of Digital have assembled two sets of key takeaways from Tuesday’s draft guidance documents on “Internet/Social Media Platforms: Correcting Independent Third-Party Misinformation about prescription Drugs and Medical Devices” and “Internet/Social Media Limitations – Presenting Risk And Benefit Information for Prescription Drugs and Medical Devices”. The examples provided in the draft documents [...]

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Mark Davis Featured in PM360′s Twitter Article

Sudler’s SVP, Digital Strategist, Mark Davis, is quoted extensively in PM360′s article on potential applications in Pharma marketing opened up by Twitter’s redesign. The new cards will allow companies to collect emails and Twitter handles right from the card for easy follow up and CRM, says Davis. “For categories with engaged communities of sufficient size, [...]

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Superbowl Social Media Will Suck

Some astute observations over at Digiday, predicting that many marketing companies will attract the dreaded #fail hashtag in their attempts at real-time social media hacking during this weekend’s Superbowl.

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FDA Starting to Issue Social Media Guidelines

It seems that Monday’s release of submission guidelines is actually the first in a series of releases from the FDA that will address the issues raised in the 2009 Social Media public hearings. Our friends at Dose of Digital were quick off the mark with some analysis of the guidance, which is a worthwhile read [...]

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Digital Pharma East

Headed to Philadephia for the Digital Pharma East conference for the week, and will be posting any interesting tidbits here.

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We’ve Seen It All Before

Bill Evans, who heads up the Team Chemistry Digital group, makes the astute observation that in the current enthusiasm for social and mobile initiatives, each tactic should be considered in the light of real-world analytics and ROI. The harsh lessons from the dot-com bust shouldn’t be ignored by the current generation of pharma marketers. He [...]

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The importance of Social in SEO

Searchmetrics have just released a fascinating study which takes a closer look at what well-positioned web pages on Google have in common, and what distinguishes them from pages that are lower-ranked. Interestingly, seven of the ten most important factors in SEO ranking are social traction indicators such as Likes, shares, tweets and +1s. Read a [...]

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Using games to solve real health problems.

Gamers using a protein-folding “game” have solved an AIDS-related problem scientists have been working on for 15 years… in three weeks. They were using an engine developed at Fold It. More information on this fascinating approach to crowd-sourcing health research in this video:

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