Sudler New York Announces the Prescribed Products Promotional Standards Distribution

Sudler is pleased to announce an initiative to create Open Source standardized website safety information components that are FDA compliant, responsive, and semantically-optimized to comply with both the FDA’s microdata format and Google’s Knowledge Graph requirements. The ‘Rx Promotional Standards Distribution’ will leverage Drupal and the Acquia Cloud platform to deliver significant operational efficiencies to pharmaceutical agencies and firms. The Distribution will be released in March 2015. More information about the project is posted on Acquia’s blog.

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Late Night Car Service does Pharmapalooza

On Nov 6, 2014, Sudler’s in-house band, Late Night Car Service, performed a deadpan set of Hall & Oates songs at the seventh year of the industry’s night of house bands, Pharmapalooza. Appropriately to their theme of unappreciated sidekicks, they were awarded second prize in the competition. This is the fourth time in seven years the band has landed in the runner-up slot.

It was great to see almost half the band coming from within the Digital group at the agency – absolutely proof that we’ve truly “integrated”.

The event raises money for the Children’s Hospital at Montefiore.

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EASD Booth Gets Great Reviews

Close Concerns writes: “[The] eye-catching booth was half corporate exhibit, half rustic outdoor vacation backdrop, with sleek white displays and furniture interspersed with wooden floors and colorful fabric. A model of a mountain road, complete with iPad-controlled jeeps that attendees could “drive,” was intended to symbolise [the brands]. This is very cool and very smart given how much men (not to be sexist) think about cars.”

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Animals Asia campaign featured in Advertising Health today

Lee Williams, Sudler UK’s Executive Creative Director, was interviewed by Advertising Health on Peace by piece, a global, multichannel campaign developed by Sudler UK for Animals Asia that has attracted the attention of “leading celebs including Ricky Gervais, Olivia Newton John, Slash and Stephen Fry.” Full article here.

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Smartwatches Will Revolutionise Treatment for Chronic Conditions

In an article published by The Guardian, Sudler GCD Chris Duffey writes that Google, Apple, and Samsung are racing to develop wearable technology that could be used to to monitor and track personal health and diagnose disease. He previews the new crop of devices, and concludes that “smartwatches will be the natural evolution in patients taking on a more active role with their health and helping physicians to diagnose illness and perhaps even curb chronic conditions through monitoring real-time biometric data. Smartwatches are going to be essential to the future of health and wellness.” Full article here.

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FDA Issues New Draft Guidance Documents

Our colleagues at Dose of Digital have assembled two sets of key takeaways from Tuesday’s draft guidance documents on “Internet/Social Media Platforms: Correcting Independent Third-Party Misinformation about prescription Drugs and Medical Devices” and “Internet/Social Media Limitations – Presenting Risk And Benefit Information for Prescription Drugs and Medical Devices”. The examples provided in the draft documents provide illuminating examples of the FDA’s thinking for Pharma companies attempting to participate in the world of Social Media, as we wait for the full and final agency guidance, expected later this year. Well worth a look.

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Rob Rogers, Co-CEO America and Chief Creative Officer, interviewed on spoke with our North American co-CEO, Rob Rogers, as part of their series titled “The Road to Cannes.” The video is available here.

“Health care is evolving at a rapid rate and so is health care communications. Digital will play a greater role,” he says. “We look for ways of introducing simplicity. We need to deliver some very simple messages,” he says. “We often look for video to add that contextual element. Data can leave you cold but video can add a warm element.”

The interview is part of the leadup to the Inaugural Cannes Lions Health Ad Festival.

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How mobile became mighty in healthcare

Sudler’s Chris Duffey has co-authored (with Katie Erbs from Google) a fascinating overview of the top ten trends in mobile, and how they are impacting the healthcare space, which was featured on the front page of the Guardian site today. “Mobile health has undoubtedly become ubiquitous across our lives and is poised to change the horizon line of the healthcare landscape in a mighty way,” says the article.

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Mark Davis Featured in PM360′s Twitter Article

Sudler’s SVP, Digital Strategist, Mark Davis, is quoted extensively in PM360′s article on potential applications in Pharma marketing opened up by Twitter’s redesign.

The new cards will allow companies to collect emails and Twitter handles right from the card for easy follow up and CRM, says Davis. “For categories with engaged communities of sufficient size, like Multiple Sclerosis, this could be a strong tactic,” he explains. “You can bet an aspiring pharma media planner is running the numbers for that right now.”

Check out the full article.

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A Big Leap in Nanotechnology

A team at the University of Texas have announced the development of the smallest, fastest and longest-running tiny synthetic motor to date. The team claims their nanomotor is an important step toward developing miniature machines that could one day move through the body to administer insulin for diabetics when needed, or target and treat cancer cells without harming good cells: “the first of its kind for controlling the release of drugs from the surface of nanoparticles” says Assistant Professor Donglei “Emma” Fan.

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